José Antonio Cob, from effort and work. - Maniplastic
Development and industrialisation of engineering plastics

José Antonio Cob, from effort and work.

To begin to introduce the Maniplastic team, we have to start at the beginning.

The origins of this company are named after the person who created, worked and led it to where we are today.


José Antonio Cob, founder of Maniplastic in 1985.

“When you get used to solving problems on your own, you learn to make decisions and take responsibility for them.”

José Antonio Cob.

José Antonio Cob, from effort and work. recurso 12x 100

José Antonio’s initial idea was to set up a small shop selling and supplying plastics, with a warehouse where he could incorporate a plastics handling workshop. Fortunately, the incorporation of the workshop forced him to set up in an industrial area and so Maniplastic’s activity began in the Villayuda industrial estate. His first clients were, in addition to the same company he left to start his adventure, many others to which he had provided solutions in his previous job. From the beginning and until his retirement, José Antonio was in charge of the Management and Industrial Direction. The evolution and growth of the company can be seen in more detail in the timeline and history of Maniplastic

José Antonio Cob, from effort and work. recurso 22x 100

Coming from a humble family, he started working very early on. However, his restlessness and curiosity led him to attend the School of Industrial Mastery, where he confirmed his passion for working with his hands, especially adjustments and mechanics. His interest and desire to continue learning led him to volunteer for the Air Force at the age of 16, where he became an aviation mechanic and trained in Forging, Riveting, Boilermaking, Piston Engines, Jet Engines, Electricity, Aircraft Maintenance and Instruments. After the army he continued his training in hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, refrigeration installations,… His initiative has led him to be self-taught in the subjects he has needed to be able to carry out developments, inventions and adaptations of machinery that have contributed significantly to the growth of Maniplastic.

José Antonio founded Maniplastic and made it grow in a very solid way by turning it into a company with very flexible and versatile solutions. This has allowed Maniplastic to work for multiple sectors and to be based on different pillars, which has helped it to overcome the different crises and to have several ways of growth.

José Antonio Cob, from effort and work. recurso 32x 100

One of his great passions from a very young age has been aircraft. In the years he spent in the Air Force, specifically in the Sahara, he enjoyed working and flying Junker, Heinkel 111, T-6 Texan and Messerschmitt aircraft, as well as studying jets such as the T33 and the F86. After his years in the army, mountain hiking and climbing became his hobbies to which he devoted every moment he could. Finally, at a later age, another of his great hobbies was born, the 4X4 routes that have led him to share adventures with good friends both on the peninsula and in Morocco.

“If you want, you can”

José Antonio Cob.



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