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Signage as visual identity


For years we have been working in this sector. It allows us, in an artistic and industrial way, to generate the compositions that allow our clients to highlight their brand identity within a space.

What is signage?

Signage can be defined as the set of signs and icons that are oriented towards a specific communication. It can be used in very diverse environments, such as advertising, notices and potential dangers, etc… Therefore, it does not have to be linked to a standardized code.

In this discipline, a large number of materials can be considered to be able to manufacture a visual communication that allows people to orient themselves inside or outside a space.

The plastic materials that we usually use, allow us to adapt the signage to any type of surface. Among them are PMMA, vinyl, PVC, two-tone ABS and phenolic resin, among others. These materials are chosen for their durability, weather resistance and ease of production.

What do we take into account when designing and manufacturing signage?

  • We want it to identify, regulate and facilitate the services required by individuals.
  • It is designed to adapt it to the circumstances of our client.
  • We use reading codes known by users, these do not necessarily have to be universal, they can be local.
  • The signs are unified to generate a dynamic environment, thus attending to the characteristics of the environment.

The intention is that it serves to reinforce the public image or brand.


Case 1: A cozy and modern space, is what our client offered us to adapt a signage, which as a whole, played with the diversity of materials that made up these wonderful offices.

Case 2: A very specific visual identity is what made the difference in this signage. Corporate colors, transparencies, and the need to generate presence in the most subtle way.

Case 3: Elegance and precision are the identifying values that distinguish this signage. A minimalist design and a precision finish make simplicity reflect its visual identity.

Signage as visual identity senaletica voltineta

Case 4: Vinyl signage, adapted for wall and glass. It follows the aesthetics of the company and identifies a certain part as wayfinding.


“Signage is the part of visual communication that studies the functional relationships between orientation signs in space and the behavior of individuals.”

Joan Cost


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