MP develops along with a more demanding market with more sustainable materials - Maniplastic
Development and industrialisation of engineering plastics

MP develops along with a more demanding market with more sustainable materials


The market moves on and with it, the demand to address new problems with solutions it can provide, for this reason, Maniplastic is facing a huge growth in their facilities, production resources and further studies of production with sustainable products.

In 2021, this company, was expanded 400% the number of square meters of their facilities to increase the space in their productive area, so it could cover the projects of  thr new sectors which targets. There is  new equipment and processes covering services as: the vacuum molding, turned with a motorized machine and an automatic loader, robots with 3 to 5 axles, CNC laser cutting and Watter-Jet,3D impression for prototyping, etc.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, engineering and design, MP is evolving to take part in a circular economy for the entire useful life of its products, orientating itself towards an industry with” Zero Waste”. To do this, a high percentage of surplus material in the production, is collected by certified recyclers who are sending back the residues as raw material.

The next target is to transform part of this residue in the plant itself. Thanks to being a multisectoral company, it can use the recycled material for other applications aimed at other sectors with requirements and other purposes.

The increase of plastic sustainable materials to the list of raw materials is constant, considering that they are in constant contact with the suppliers, technology centers and universities to stay up to date with each new development and test these materials in their production processes.

We are attempting to meet the demands of the new markets, offering materials 100% recycled,100%recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, it is the current challenge of this company devoted to the plastic industry.


Published in the Envaspres magazine in the number of November/December 2021 <Envaspres +Tecnobebidas>


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