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Thermoforming of technical plastics

What is Thermoforming?

High-performance process for the production of plastic products on the basis of a die or mould. It starts from semi-finished sheets or coils of different types of technical plastics.

What are its advantages?

It is highly adaptable to the customer’s needs. It allows small production runs, thanks to the rapid implementation of its tooling.
High profitability for high productions.

When to use it?

It has numerous fields of application, from food packaging to parts for the automotive, aeronautics and general industry.

Design/study of the part
We analyse the structure and geometry to generate a part that meets the customer’s specifications.


Final mould and final part
Once the verification is complete, the final mould is developed for the production of the finished part.


Our process

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Prototyping: We manufacture a NECURON prototype to check the part and if necessary make changes for better progress and development in the final mould.


3D Rendering
We generate the part in 3D to improve its development and characteristics.


Choice of materials and finishes
We generate a study of properties to specify the most suitable material and its final finish depending on its use.

Nuestro proceso


Diseño/estudio de la pieza Analizamos la estructura y geometría para generar una pieza que cumpla las especificaciones del cliente.


Renderizado 3D
Generamos la pieza en 3D para mejorar su desarrollo y características.


Elección de materiales y acabados
Generamos un estudio de propiedades para especificar el material más adecuado y su acabado final dependiendo del uso de este.


Prototipado: Fabricamos un prototipo de NECURON para hacer verificaciones de la pieza y si es necesario efectuar cambios para un mejor progreso y desarrollo en el molde definitivo.


Molde definitivo y pieza final
Con la verificación completa se procede al desarrollo final del molde para la producción de la pieza completamente acabada

Thermoforming mas 30 anos

Maniplastic is a Spanish company, specialised along more than 30 years in the transformation of Technical Plastics by Thermoforming, Machining, Waterjet Cutting, Laser Cutting, Manipulation and Boilermaking. To this wide range of technologies, we add the extensive experience and knowledge of Technical Plastic Materials and the support of our Engineering and Design Department, making us the ideal Partner.

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