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Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website.

What do cookies do?

Cookies do a number of things, such as allowing you to navigate between pages efficiently and improving the consumer experience when visiting a website. For example, they memorise your preferences

Are cookies secure?

Yes, cookies are small text files. They cannot see on your computer or read any personal information.

Cookies cannot carry viruses or install anything harmful on your computer

Are cookies used to track information?

Yes. Cookies are also used to track how many people are visiting a website and which areas of the website they are viewing. This allows us to get an idea of how our customers are using our website and helps us to improve its usability.

What type of cookies are used?

We use different cookies; some are temporary and some are permanent. None of them collect personal information.

  • Temporary cookies: These cookies identify that the user is moving from page to page and terminate when the user stops visiting these various web pages. It is deleted when the browser is closed.
  • Permanent cookies: These cookies help us to remember your preferences/settings when you revisit our website. Therefore, these cookies remain on your computer even after you have finished visiting our website
  • Third party cookies: All cookies belong to an owner as well as advertising partners and may even be set by external third party consent in respect of our website, within our website.

 Should I keep cookies enabled?

We would appreciate it if you keep cookies enabled or “turned on” when you visit our websites to give you the best possible experience. However, if you would like to disable cookies, you can do so by editing the settings in your browser.

By using this website, you confirm that you consent to the use of cookies.