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How to reduce the environmental impact of packaging production “ECODESIGN”.

Ecodesign is understood as the integration of environmental criteria in the design of the product, with the aim of reducing the impact that these generate in their life cycle.

The implementation of this tool manages sustainable production in all its phases: conception, development, transport and recycling. All of this, according to UN recommendations, helps in a beneficial way to improve the quality of life of millions of people, reduces poverty, increases competitiveness and reduces economic, environmental and social costs.

The premise of linear economy, based on the principle of buy, use and throw away, is changed to focus on the key idea of circular economy, which allows products managed thanks to eco-design to end their useful life in conditions to adopt new functions, thanks to reduction, recycling and reuse.

According to various sources, out of 6,831 measures put in place by different Spanish companies in the last two years, which support their environmental policies, 4,200 are aimed at minimizing the amount of plastics and other materials used in their production.

Designing packaging with recycled and easily recyclable materials gains strength and promotes the circularity of this packaging, supporting the main awareness of the end consumer, so that this process is completely united.

Packaging designed with eco-design criteria, which has been implemented for 20 years, can reduce its environmental impact by up to 80%, avoiding the consumption of more than 9 million MWh of energy and avoiding the emission of 645,000 tonnes of CO2.


  • Analyse the geometry, utility and characteristics that the product has to fulfil.
  • Visualise the transport to adjust measurements and stacking positioning, avoiding “air travel”.
  • . Adapt the required characteristics to a material and thickness that allows recycling and reuse.
  • Design a geometry that enables production in which as little material as possible is discarded.
  • Recycle the material waste generated in the production process to close the internal cycle or place it in the hands of a manager who converts it back into raw material.
  • Clearly and precisely indicate on the product the possibility and form of recycling it so that the end user can continue the process of giving it a further use instead of disposing of it incorrectly.
  • the event that the final waste is too degenerated to be put to a new use, look for an outlet in cogeneration processes whenever possible 


"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future."

Robert L. Peters

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