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Red Cross and Maniplastic: “Opportunities that change lives”.

  • Labour insertion: Maniplastic incorporates 2 people through the Red Cross Employment Plan
  • Participation on 19 April in the conference “Opportunities that change lives.

The Red Cross is a humanitarian, voluntary and public interest institution that has been operating for more than 170 years. One of its many initiatives is the “Employment Plan”. For 20 years, it has been working on the labour insertion of people belonging to different groups at risk of exclusion, such as: young people under 30 years old, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers and the challenge “Over 45”.

Maniplastic began its collaboration with the Red Cross by facilitating internships in the company. The people who had completed the training courses in Forklift Truck Driving were able to complete the skills acquired in a more direct way and in contact with the workplace.  Subsequently, they were incorporated into a production position.

The Red Cross is currently working with the Red Cross in selection processes for the search for a replacement position.

One of the tasks carried out by the Red Cross to facilitate the work they do in their “Employment Plan” is to promote knowledge of the companies in each area. This is another way of collaboration, visits to companies and training by their staff. Due to the current situation, the Red Cross has replaced these visits with a series of videos. Maniplastic participated by explaining the company and what the value of people means within its business philosophy.



On 19 April 2021, the Villalonquejar Industrial Estate Business Association (AEPV) and the Red Cross held a conference entitled “Opportunities that change lives” with the participation of Patricia Cob, CEO of Maniplastic and Eduardo Quintanal, Plant Manager of Clarios Burgos. Both companies shared their experiences.

As Jorge Villaverde, president of the AEPV, presented:

“We believe that there should always be a close collaboration between administrations, non-profit organisations, NGOs, as well as companies and economic agents to face these situations of social exclusion

Currently almost 1000 people a year seek work with the Red Cross.

The alliances with employers are encompassed in collaborations and workshops “Vectors of diversity”:

  • Gender Diversity.
  • Diversity of ethnic and cultural origin.
  • Diversity by age
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity diversity
  • Functional diversity..

In this way, they generate opportunities for integration into working life. They also provide support, guidance and accompaniment of equality plans for companies.

Maniplastic promotes its social responsibility by participating in these actions.



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